You must have seen an “Message” option in user comments next to “Like” and “Reply” on Facebook Post. This option lets a Facebook Page directly message the user who has commented on the Post.



Facebook has also provided a Graph API endpoint to use this functionality. It’s called private replies.


Using this API you can set up auto replies to comments on your post. To access this api endpoint you need page token with  read_page_mailboxes  permission.


  • Read all lates page posts using {page-id}/posts endpoint
  • Read all comments on the post using {post-id}/comments endpoint
  • Make a post request with message to /v2.10/{comment-id}/private_replies


Make sure you reply just once. It would make more sense to use some keyword to filter comments for replying. For Instance you can run a campaign with a post saying – Comment “claim” to get a coupon code in your inbox.




This is a great marketing tool. Make most of it before everyone starts overdoing this feature!


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