Facebook app in lines for Top Fan App developed with Think Why Not for the new book release “God Is Gamer” from Ravi Subramanian. Fans can participate in this contest by ‘LIKING’, ‘COMMENTING’, ‘TAGGING’ or / and ‘SHARING’ any of the posts published between 1st August 2014 to 05th September. The more a fan interacts on the page, higher the ‘Litcoins’ (points) he/she may earn.

Redemption points:-
LIKE = 05 Litcoins
COMMENT = 10 Litcoins
TAG = 15 Litcoins
SHARE = 20 Litcoins

Once the fan has got enough Litcoins, he/she can redeem it, by clicking on the ‘Redeem’ button. Once you click on the ‘Redeem’; a drop down menu will appear; the fan will have to select the ‘prize’, he/she desires to get from the list of available options.

The maximum Litcoins a fan can accumulate on one particular post is 50. Only, if he/she ‘Like’, ‘Comment’, ‘Tag’ himself & ‘Share’ the particular post. In order to be the top scorer, he/she will have to interact (Like, Comment, Tag, Share) with all the posts starting from 1st August to 05th September 2014

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