Initially I had provided a workaround  to make “facebook page tabs work on mobile” which forces Facebook mobile to serve you desktop version of site instead of the mobile version. It works fine when user is surfing on browser but not when user clicks on links through his mobile browser. This is updated post which gives you a foolproof method of making your tabs work on Facebook. It will also preserve your like gatings!


1) Take user out of Facebook mobile app

If you share your normal facebook link, the app will try to open it within Facebook App and giver you an error.

“This page is for an app that doesn’t work on mobile devices. Please try visiting it the next time you use Facebook on your Computer”

So the first step the link you share should be a external website, mostly the website which is hosting your app

Something like,

2) Redirect user to page tab with a parameter “?ref=ts”

Inside your app now take you user to your page tab url with a parameter “ref=ts” what it does is tell the facebook to server desktop version of website and not version.

3) Maintain “?ref=ts” in the page tab url

Many times we developer need to redirect user to canvas or auth url and then back to Page Tab. Through all this redirects make sure to maintain “ref=ts” parameter in your page tab url, or else user would be redirected to which does not support page tab.

Thats it!  Let me know if you have any queries.

Page tab though Facebook App:

Facebook Page Tab Error on Mobile App

Page tab through browser without “ref=ts”:

Facebook Page Tab Error on Mobile Browser

Page tab through browser with “ref=ts”:

Facebook Page with ref=ts

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