Android app developed with Candid Marketing for Dow Water & Process Solutions. The app is a reminder plus contact listing app.

App link:

The app consist of 5 menus

1. New Contact

It opens up a form which user can fill and add a contact.

2. My Contacts

It displays list of contacts the user has added, the user can than choose a contact and call message or edit them.

3. Daily Reminder

It displays list of contacts whose renewal date is today or any date before today.

4. Sync Contacts

Shows list of phone contacts, the user can select, type in additional required info and add him to the app contacts.

5. Import Contacts

User can import a pre-defined style of excel sheet, the entries in excel sheet would be added to the contacts

6. Exports Contacts

User can export all the contacts, it would be exported to SD Card in Excel

Sample screenshots!


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