Vishwesh Shetty

Shopify and Facebook App Developer, Messenger Bot Expert. Top Rated Developer at UPWORK.

PowerOf5 Microsite was a Microsite developed for Parachute with Candid Marketing  for Power Of 5 campaign , the Microsite hosted weekly games for Parachute employees. The Games consisted of Crossword Puzzle, Quiz, Photo Upload Contest, Cricket Game





Photo Upload

HTML5 Cricket Game


Technology Used:

jQuery, HTML5, Construct 2, JavaScript, PHP

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Nikon Pixels

Facebook App developed for Nikon India with WATConsult. The App was embedded withing existing Nikon Eye Facebook App. Nikon Pixels included Twitter API Integration. Given a large canvas made up of pixel boxes, a user can click on anywhere and is asked to Login through Twitter. Once authnetication through Facebook is done the users profile pic is fetched and placed on the pixel box.


Nikon Pixel Facebook app

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txtWeb Exam Results

Simple Form based Facebook app with developed for txtWeb with Ripplelinks. A Student can fill up the form by providing his Roll no and Board. He would then be notified about his result as soon as the results are out.

App link

Exam Result Fb App


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