Vishwesh Shetty

Shopify and Facebook App Developer, Messenger Bot Expert. Top Rated Developer at UPWORK.

Facebook Selfie Contest – Parx Coolfie

Facebook Selfie Contest with a unique twist developed with MRM WorldWide, India for Parx Live Easy. In the app, a user can click or upload a selfie, then proceed to choose a doodle gif from a given set and write a message. All these are stitched together to create a Video which user can share on various Social Platform.

The webcam submission is implemented using Flash on Desktop and HTML5 for Mobile. People accessing app through Mobile devices are automatically redirected to the Mobile version of the app.

Technology Used: HTML5, Flash, PHP GD Library.

App Link:

Entries: 800+

Parx Coolfie - Webcam Doodle contest


How the final gallery entries looks like:

FAcebook App


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Make a Wish – Facebook App

Facebook app developed for 100,000 Lanterns, to promote their event. The App lets users write a wish, select a symbol (Love, Hope, Peace, Life), select at least one friend and then submit their wish. An Image with the lantern and your wish is created real time which you can choose to share on your timeline.

Technology: HTML5, PHP GD Library.

App Link

Make a Wish on Facebook App Make a Wish on Facebook

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What Kind Of Prisoner Are You – Microsite

Microsite developed with Seagull Advertising for Weekender Homes. The Idea was to convey to the user, what kind of prisoner he is in his City life. User can enter the Microsite using Facebook Login. User is then asked series of questions in a form of interrogation. Based on users answer the back-end logic tells the user What Kind Of Prisoner they are.

What kind of prisoner are you - Microsite

What kind of prisoner are you - Microsite

What kind of prisoner are you - Microsite

A Prisoner Identity Card is also generated using prisoners porfile picture and other data.

What kind of prisoner are you - Microsite

App Link –


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