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Facebook Selfie Contest – Parx Coolfie

Facebook Selfie Contest with a unique twist developed with MRM WorldWide, India for Parx Live Easy. In the app, a user can click or upload a selfie, then proceed to choose a doodle gif from a given set and write a message. All these are stitched together to create a Video which user can share on various Social Platform.

The webcam submission is implemented using Flash on Desktop and HTML5 for Mobile. People accessing app through Mobile devices are automatically redirected to the Mobile version of the app.

Technology Used: HTML5, Flash, PHP GD Library.

App Link:

Entries: 800+

Parx Coolfie - Webcam Doodle contest


How the final gallery entries looks like:

FAcebook App


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Tweet Wall for live events using EasyHashtag

Tweet Wall is basically listing of all the tweets of a given Hashtag on a Screen. It can be used  during live event on a big screen or through projection, to encourage participants to tweet on your Hashtag to feature their tweets on the Wall. You can even use Tweet Listing in your Campaign Microsite. Using EasyHashtag you can build a Tweet Wall for live events in minutes.

Login to EasyHashtag Dashboard and click on Tweet Listing under Create widget

Navigation Flow: Login -> Create Widget -> Tweet Listing.

Tweet Listing Menu

Tweet Listing Menu

Once you click on Tweet Listing, you would see the following screen:


Tweet Listing Settings

Tweet Listing Settings

You need to fill in values for following fields to create your Tweet Listing Widget.

Widget Name: Provide a user friendly name to your widget in order to easily identify it later. This name will be used to identify your Widget throughout the dashboard.

Choose Brand: Choose the twitter brand for whom you are running the campaign. In case if you have not yet added any brands to your Account, click on Manage Accounts to add a brand.

List of Hashtag to Track: Provide a user-friendly name for your Hashtag and the Hashtag that you want to Track. You can add more hashtag to track if you want.

Other Settings:

Full Screen (Preferred): Keep this box checked for a responsive widget.
Height: Set value only values only for non-responsive fixed height
Width: Set value only values only for non-responsive fixed height
Background Image: Upload a background image for widget if required.
Background Color: Select background color for widget. By default it’s set to white.

Once you are done with these settings click on Create and Preview.

EasyHashtag would generate a preview of the widget and open in a new Window. In case if you have pop up blocked, click on Preview Link to view the widget preview.

Here’s a user preview Tweet Listing Widget.

Live Demo

Click F11 or (Fn+F11) to switch to Full Screen mode.

Tweet Listing Widget

Tweet Listing Widget

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EasyHashtag – Track, Visualize and Measure your Hashtag Campaigns

EasyHashtag is a free tool that helps you offer more in your Hashtag Campaign with beautiful widgets which you can use for Live Events and in your Campaign Microsites. Using EasyHashtag you also get real time tracking and measurement for your Hashtags with detailed raw tweet and user excel data. EasyHashtag can be divided into 3 parts


Feed in your Hashtag and all tweets for the given Hashtag are fetched in real time using Twitter Streaming API. You can see on graph the number of tweets that you get per minute and thus know when you Hashtag trend is picking up.

Real Time Tweets Per Minute

Real Time Tweets Per Minute



EasyHashtag provides beautiful widgets which can be used for Live Events, Campaign Microsite, Broadcast etc. Currently the tools consist of 7 widgets.

  • Tweet Mapping (India)
  • Tweet Listing (Flip, Infinite Scroll)
  • Twitter Battle
  •  Tweet to reveal
  •  Avatar Wall
  • Photo Wall Visualization
  • Tweet Counter



  • Hashtag Impressions –
  • Follower Growth (Including list of new followers)
  • Unique Users
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Most Tweeted City
  • Complete List of Users, Tweets
  • Detailed Excel Reports (Raw tweet and user data)


Dashboard Tweet Data with Export excel option.

Dashboard Tweet Data with Export excel option.


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