Vishwesh Shetty

Shopify and Facebook App Developer, Messenger Bot Expert. Top Rated Developer at UPWORK.

About Me

Facebook API and Messenger Bot Expert

Hi, thank you for visiting my website. I am Vishwesh Shetty, I lead a team of super talented Web, Mobile and Social Application Developers at Adevole - Your Technical CoFounder. I have about 7 years of experience working in various Technology stacks from server maintenance, shell scripting, server side scripting to HTML/CSS and Android Development. I have worked on all layers in different languages. I expertise in development of Shopify Apps, Facebook APIs and Smart Messenger Bots. Together with my team we have developed several Shopify apps and Messenger Bot based products like Messenger Remarketing, Messener Commenting, Funnel Messenger etc.

I am TOP RATED profession on Upwork with 100% recommendation rate and 5 star rating for every single project I have worked on so far. You can check my Upwork profile here -

Technology Stack

Things that I work on.

4+ years of experience building Android apps. Well versed with MVP architecture and latest frameworks and design guidelines.

5 years of experience working on PHP Scripting, have built CRM, E-Commerce sites and Social Web Apps for brands and Social Media Agencies.

Have worked with MySQL and Oracle PLSQL databases. Well understanding of Database Architecture.

Can work on Shell Scripting when needed, have written scripts handling complicated business logics.

Have built many web games on HTML5. Have worked with tools like Construct2.

Well versed with API's of Social Platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram.

Can build great looking responsive pages using Bootstrap!

Have been extensively using jQuery in most of my web apps. Have written few libraries too.

Not as well versed as jQuery. But currently trying to master it!


Things that I'm good at.

HTML5 Games


My thoughts.

Shopify Script to Offer Discounts for non Cash on Deliver (Prepaid) Orders

Shopify offers Script Editor app for Shopify Plus Merchants which provides much more flexibility than Shopify APIs. The scripts are written on Ruby and can be used to build complex logic on the checkout page where Shopify apps generally do not have any control. Here is a short script I wrote which allows user to provide Discounts […]

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How to send a message to a user on Messenger through API when they Comment on your Post!

You must have seen an “Message” option in user comments next to “Like” and “Reply” on Facebook Post. This option lets a Facebook Page directly message the user who has commented on the Post.     Facebook has also provided a Graph API endpoint to use this functionality. It’s called private replies.   Using this […]

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How to get your first project on Upwork

TLDR; Choose your best skill with least expected competition. Look for projects which you have already done before and have proof of working link to share. Search exact job terms you are looking for. Use double quotes for some search terms. Have friendly professional profile picture. Use good language and complete profile. Remember your first […]

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Facebook - change page tab name

How to change Facebook Page Tab name – Step by step guide with images.

TLDR; Go to your Facebook Page and click on “Settings”. Once on settings page click on “Edit Page”. Click on the “Settings” of Page Tab you want to change. Click on “Edit Settings”. This would open up  pop up where you can change tab name and image. Change Facebook Page Tab name – Steps With […]

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Setup and working with OpenCV for Android to create Prisma like effect.

  OpenCV is a library for computer vision. This library has many methods using which you can easily work with and manipulate images and videos. In this tutorial I would cover basic setup for OpenCv and we will try to work with an image to add some effect.   Download OpenCV To begin, you would […]

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Facebook Account Kit SMS Authentication – Android tutorial with a demo sample.

Facebook provides Account Kit which helps you to register users through phone number. SMS verification is handled by Facebook Account Kit, so you don’t have to handle and spend on SMS verification.   I have compiled a simple step by step guide to integrate Account Kit in your Android app. 1. Generate Key Hash Before creating […]

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